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The refrigerator is one of the central focal points of any home kitchen. It’s not only a style centerpiece, be it stainless steel or matte black, but it’s what keeps your perishable food fresh and safe. If it breaks down, there is the potential for loss of money not only in repairs, but in the loss of food that isn’t able to be cooled properly. If it does break down, it is important to know that you’ve got a great resource for refrigerator repair in Brooklyn, or in Manhattan. Along with our knowledgeable staff, we’ve listed some of the most frequently asked questions people have about general refrigerator repair. Please take a look and see if your questions can be answered by a quick browse of our site.

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There are a few possible solutions to this problem. First, you should check to see if the seal needs to be replaced. If not, it could be that the wires and bearings on the motor are wearing out, and it will need to be replaced. If the reading on the thermostat is incorrect 24 hours after dialing it from the warmest to coldest settings, then the bulb charge may be worn out, and the thermostat will need to be replaced. Lastly, if the thermostat’s seal is broken, the temperature readings can be affected by moisture that gets in, and the thermostat will need to be replaced.
Again, there are a few different possible reasons this may occur. If the condenser’s motor’s wires and bearings are worn out, there may be no suction at the bottom of the appliance. Replace it if there is no suction. If the airflow is blocked, it can impact the refrigerator’s cooling capacity negatively, causing it to overheat. Check the air intake, and remove anything that might be blocking the condenser fan blade. Or, the capacitor may simply be dirty and need to be replaced.
There are three possible causes to this issue. One, connections in wires depend on firm, clean contact and shouldn’t be too tight. With age, the connection can become broken or corroded. If this is the case, the wiring harness should be replaced. Two, either low voltage or high current draw may cause the unit to become overheated. This will also lead to bad connections and the terminal block will need to be replaced. Last, if an extension cord is too long, or there is insufficient voltage, the ability of the unit to turn on will be affected. Replace the power cord if all else fails.
If the refrigerator is always running, and getting too cold, it could be one of two things. If the seal is broken on the thermostat, moisture from outside can get in and will affect the temperature readings. Replace the thermostat if this is the case. Additionally, the mechanical linkage or bulb charge may be worn out in the thermostat. Check it by dialing the thermostat from the warmest to coldest settings and reading it after 24 hours. If it is incorrect, you’ll need to replace the thermostat.

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